Attribution Parameters

for Reimbursement Links

It's important for Truemed partners to know which customers are getting reimbursed, and how these customers are discovering Truemed. To this end, Truemed supports optional query parameters for attribution purposes.


Most of our merchants exclusively use the source query parameter. It is not technically required, but strongly recommended. The value should indicate where a customer clicked on your Truemed reimbursement link, so it should be different for each instance of the link.


Common Values

  • email_receipt
  • email_payment_reminder
  • order_confirm
  • reactivate_campaign_3


  • For legacy purposes, we also accept the parameter names utm and utm_source and treat them as source values, but we only officially support source moving forward. We ignore any other UTM parameters.

User ID

For merchants who want more deterministic user-attribution, we accept an optional user_id query parameter. This can be any string, including:

  • The customer's email address (make sure it's url-encoded so that it's a valid query parameter)
  • The user's id, UUID, or obfuscated id


If provided, we will store this user_id and reflect it back in the .csv reports downloaded from the Truemed dashboard.